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prompt 186 Holiday Collage

December 4, 2013

Thank you all for this opportunity and the very warm welcome.

It is a gift giving season.  Handmade gifts are the best, and what better way to share love and self than writing.  Let us write and wrap a poem as a gift.

Choose a person as a focus for the poem.  It can be family, friends, lover, someone of major influence in your life, an unforgettable stranger, or anyone that sparks creativity in your writing.

  1. Focus on and describe one physical trait of the person–eyes, hair, lips, hands, smile, anything.
  2. Describe something he or she is does with that trait.
  3. Where would this person like to travel (or where would you like to take them)?  Wrap the present in a scene from there by describing the scene in vivid sensory imagery.
  4. What gift/souvenir would you give them?  How would it pair with the trait?  Describe the gift with those questions in mind.
  5. On the enclosed card, write something to this person that you could only whisper to them when they are asleep (or separated from you).

Each of these steps could be viewed as unique small poems.  Now make a collage which presents them (pun intended) as a whole–postcard, scrapbook page, quilt, holiday card, clever word-processing design or anything else.

I encourage you to take and make what you want of the prompt.  I look forward to seeing everyone’s gifts.

  1. December 5, 2013 6:31 am

    The Holidays
    Aw…..the holidays
    Are here again
    Why it seems like
    Only yesterday
    I carried your gift
    In the car for months
    After Christmas
    Meaning to stop by
    Until at last I
    Brought it into the
    Unwrapped it and
    Put it away

    I am not really a
    Holiday person
    It seems so full
    Of leftover wishes
    That never come true
    The weather turns frigid
    So much to do
    Cook and clean
    Hours decorating
    Only to spend hours
    Taking it down
    Putting it away

    I really can’t remember
    When I put away Christmas
    The last shiny ornament
    Wrapped and put away
    For the last time
    I suppose it was when
    The children left home
    And moved far away
    My parents are gone
    Without you I would be alone
    I don’t really like turkey
    And all the trimmings
    It seems the holidays
    Have always been a good
    Time for me to be in the
    Everyone else is busy
    The work flows

    Each year I realize I am older
    The anticipation is gone
    I don’t like going to the malls
    Thank goodness you
    Feel the same way
    Thank goodness
    You are still here
    Without you
    I probably wouldn’t
    Even take the day off

    I would work right through
    To your birthday and the
    New Year
    Time flies so quickly
    I turn around
    And it is the season
    Once again

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    • December 5, 2013 3:42 pm

      You’ve brought a sense of realism to the hols, Annell.

    • December 6, 2013 3:49 am

      My husband and I find we don’t want things anymore. There’s no room in our life for more things. We hope and want for the happiness of our children, and their children, for good health and the ability to share love. You’ve remind me of what makes my own Christmas special.

    • December 6, 2013 4:18 am

      What a perfect poem, Annell. My sentiments exactly.

    • October 5, 2016 4:54 pm

      Very moving and touching poem, Annell, capturing the gamut of emotions surrounding the holidays.

  2. December 5, 2013 6:32 am

    Reblogged this on annellannell.

  3. Helen permalink
    December 5, 2013 10:28 am

    Quadruple lovely!!!! Happy holidays dear Annell ……….

  4. December 5, 2013 12:33 pm

    Here’s mine, Yousei. This is for my grandson who has wide-spectrum autism. He loves his Thomas the Tank Engine toys.

    • December 5, 2013 3:40 pm

      I remember the Thomas the Tank Engine phase too. 🙂

      • December 6, 2013 3:43 am

        Timeless toys are best. 🙂

  5. December 6, 2013 1:11 am

    Being devoid of energy and inspiration, I have gone slightly off-prompt:

    • December 6, 2013 3:50 am

      Sorry, Viv, but even what you consider devoid I enjoy reading!

  6. December 6, 2013 1:55 am

    Like the prompt even if poem’s kind of a


    • December 6, 2013 3:51 am

      Left a comment with your gorgeous poem. 😀

  7. December 6, 2013 2:01 am

    Still going strong after several decades…he’s the one 🙂

  8. December 6, 2013 4:16 am

    Lovely prompt, Yousei. I hope my muse will cooperate with me on this one. Nice to see you on board.


    • December 6, 2013 5:49 am

      Thank you so much. I’m sure your muse will whisper just what you need whatever the prompt says. I look forward to reading yours.

  9. December 6, 2013 3:13 pm

    Nice prompt. Didn’t quite follow it. Sorta

  10. December 6, 2013 7:03 pm

    love this prompt and first time here – – will update it with more if i can later..

  11. December 7, 2013 2:31 pm

    A rare treat: I rhyme. 🙂


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