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Technical blog info

About posting comments and possible problems
WWP is hosted by the WordPress blog site service. While we regard their service as one of the best available, there are some characteristics regarding posting comments that may at time become problematic. Specifically WP is sensitive to either email or blogsite URLs being entered incorrectly. Unfortunately the system may not advise you of a problem but rather just ignore your comment posting.
So first step if you encounter such a problem, check your entries carefully to make certain they are entered exactly in the correct format.
General We Write Poems allowed comment description
WWP is set up to be as easy to access as possible. First time responders are not “moderated” but allowed to post comments. Entry of an email address and blog URL is however required for making comments. Two links per comment posting within the text are allowed, but more will set your comment aside in the queue (multiple links oft being a characteristic of spam email).
There are no filters for language other than our own eyes. Be considerate, be polite is all we ask (else we might need delete). Being nice is nice to be.
Any problems? Please email us via the support@WeWritePoems link given. We’ll do our best to make things work for you.

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