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Prompt #137 Peas in a pod

January 3, 2013

Peas in a pod
We Write Poems:

Your voice is the wildest thing you own.

      ~Terry Tempest Williams


Peas in a pod? What’s that mean? We imagine most of us are familiar with “wordle” poems, a collection of unrelated or pseudo-related words that you’re asked to weave into a poem somehow. Well our “peas in a pod” is a gathering of ideas that we’re asking you to integrate into a poem. Follows is a short list of generic categories of word-ideas; you decide upon a specific item that qualifies to each list suggestion, then use those to bring your poem into the light. Here’s the list (with some few possible choices)…

a piece of dinnerware (a spoon, a fork, a ladle, a bowl or plate, a teacup perhaps, whatsoever you wish)

an emotional feeling (anxiousness, ecstatic, embarrassed, fear, gleeful, jealousy, joy, melancholic, passion, sadness, shy, and the list goes on)

a fixed span of time (a moment, hour, day, decade, lifetime… )

an act of affection (a touch, caress, kiss, kindness of voice, a cuddle, nuzzle, scratch under the chin, an embrace… )

The sequence, that’s up to you, along with whatever poem form you care to use. Just include and relate an item from each of these categories in your poem. Yes, have good fun!

Come back to leave a link to your poem next Wednesday when you see our second follow-up post called, It’s Post Your Poems Day!  If you have questions about We Write Poems and our prompt-and-poem process, or if you are new here at WWP, please read our about page.


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