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Wednesday, our writing for healing and peace

December 26, 2012

Writing for Healing and Peace
our appreciation said aloud
We Write Poems

Our deep appreciation for all who have read, for all of you who have shared their writing here with us all for this dedicated and special writing cycle.  You have all brought more light and life into this experience.

Because this has been an “open” cycle, this usual Wednesday posting has no particular need for which you need respond.  Although you are more than welcome to share a greeting of this season, to share something of how you are doing now, whatever you’re care to say, be it poem or not.

If you do have some poem you’re eager to share today, we welcome you here and now.

A person of wisdom enough once said, you can never go hungry enough yourself to feed anyone else in need, you can never be sad enough to comfort anyone else’s pain… “  In that spirit and while we fully embrace, “grieve with those who grieve”, we also mean to drink the full nature of life, both sorrows and joy.  Expression is the path we trust.

So all we will ever commend to you is, be exactly the person who you are – feel and think and express who you honestly are.

Tomorrow for our Thursday posting we’ll have some more poems and other material to share with you.

May the spirit of peace live in you.

  1. December 26, 2012 7:01 am

    Here’s an unexpected take on pain – when a blind man loses his hearing.

    for all whom the bells toll

  2. December 26, 2012 2:04 pm

    Side note: “pain” means “bread” in French…really good to know.

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