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Prompt #118 Far far landings…

August 9, 2012


Far far landings…

in response to current events

We Write Poems:
There have been countless generations that looked to the heavens in an expression of wonder, then inspiration, to reach out and touch, discover a sense of intimacy both literal and poetic.  Of recent event, another embrace of that wonder begins yet again – our soon to be far wandering rover, the well named Curiosity, upon the red planet Mars.

Curiosity shadow on Mars

Here is one of the first images from that Curiosity rover, within its landing Martian crater, and looking towards Mt. Sharp within its new neighborhood.  Write a poem, howsoever you feel inspired, by this image of that far far landing on Mars.  This image is only from whence your first step begins.  What and how you write is otherwise all your choice!  We’ve written so oft to or about our close kin Moon.  Now, to borrow a more pleasing name, write about, as E.R. Burroughs coined, a place called Barsoom, be it a love poem, childish wonderment, swimming in scientific curiosity, or whatever your imagination can see for you!  Explore!  Click on the image to view in full size.

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