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Prompt #100, It’s Post Your Poems Day!

April 4, 2012


Poet’s choice!

our community poem-prompt prompt

We Write Poems:  
Poet’s choice!  Remember this prompt in the midst of your April poeming?  Have the wheels been turning or the muse landed with a smile upon your fingertips?  What poem prompts would you like to suggest for us to present over the next coming months?  And please, don’t be shy to suggest something already done before – there’s hardly only one way to address a prompt idea.  That’s much what poeming is about – seeing alternatives to common understandings!

Whilst your head may be spinning some with your April poem chores, splash us some light of how you see and wonder this world we share.  Remember, we asked you to write both a poem, as example, and a brief description of the prompt idea itself.  The idea may be as simple as one potent word, song lyrics perhaps, a particular poem style or form, or an idea taken from an as yet untaken route – anything.  WWP will gather and use these ideas over the coming months.
And yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus, and yes, you can use the same poem for both this week’s WWP prompt and for your April posting too (unless you’re so bold as to have written two!).
New April visitors are more than welcome to participate (you might want to read the original prompt).

Leave the links to your poems in the comments of this post, then go visit your fellow writers’ sites and read their work. Remember to leave only positive comments in the spirit of sharing and not critiquing. We look forward to reading your poems!

Please remember to include a link with your blog poem post that links right back to here, this “Post Your Poems Day”, so that others reading your poem can also share in this community poem experience – maybe even someone new to We Write Poems!

If you are new to WWP, please be welcome to look around and read. The full prompt description you can find under “Recent Posts” on the top right of our page.

  1. April 4, 2012 1:06 am

    Well, two poem postings in a day? This is when it gets crazy. I wrote this poem/prompt much earlier, so am dutifully submitting. If you wrote yours in April, I think it should count towards poem a day, provided you add a prompt tail.

    you have imagined us, Adrienne

  2. April 4, 2012 5:05 am

    Tossed in the bucket: Honeycomb, in a Plastic Case

  3. April 4, 2012 5:47 am

    This week, I wanted to know about Holes


  4. April 4, 2012 10:24 am

    Jumping back into writing, after a long time away. It feels good to be back. 🙂

    My choice of prompt: writing on writing.

    After All

  5. April 4, 2012 1:20 pm

    I’m multi-tasking today but I’ve found that this is a great little form prompt, if you’re interested. Thank you, for all of the other amazing prompts and the opportunity to put in our two cents! Smiles!

  6. April 4, 2012 8:42 pm

    I’ve recycled an idea I call Multiple Meanings.


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