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Prompt #72 better inside out

September 15, 2011

better inside out

We Write Poems:  
Here’s my own prompt for us this week.
Shame is the starting point for this prompt. Shame is often a strongly felt emotion. But shame in itself is also a useless state of being, restoring nothing that might have been damaged, and is at root a self-centered point of view. Most of its energy comes out of our not wanting it to be revealed. However this prompt is not “about” shame, but rather how it might be addressed in a manner that expresses and releases the experience. How you address and discover this process within a poem is the real challenge of this prompt.

And please… be appropriate to this environment, community and yourself. We’re not asking for you to reveal anything that might be harmful for you to do! Select something that you are willing to address in public. We trust to your own sense about appropriateness here. (Needn’t be anything earth-shattering, OK?)

shame: (what the dictionary has to say) 
(noun) a painful feeling of humiliation or distress caused by the consciousness of wrong or foolish behavior

• a loss of respect or esteem; dishonor

• a person, action, or situation that brings a loss of respect or honor

For more detail and commentary please read the original prompt suggestion and the example poem, “round eyes like windows are“.

My personal note about this prompt:
I think this is a challenging personal and poem prompt. It wasn’t expected when it arrived, nor all easy to do, although not all hard to do either (and that’s much the point of the process). I’ve no notion yet of what to do for a second such poem now! But then neither do I want to say this will be difficult – maybe it will be easy for you!

First rule in adversity… make friends with what seems unwelcome for you!
Good writing.   ~neil

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