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Prompt #51 Pairings

April 21, 2011


P a i r i n g s

The dynamics of complementary opposites is the very essence of creation. Thus, yin (moon, dark, feminine) must be complemented by yang (sun, light, masculine). With this most elementary pairing, comes life and rebirth. Write a yin/yang poem based on any kind of pairings, which are complementary. Examples are endless. Take your pick of East/West, Black/White, Sweet/Sour, Hands/Feet, Old/Young, Full/Empty, Presence/Absence, Work/Leisure, Window/Door, or create your own pairings. You may even want to play with form by expressing your poem in Prose/Verse.

Continued good writing to all participating in the April poem-a-day NaPoWriMo.

Come back next Wednesday when you see,It’s Post Your Poems Day!” and leave a link to the poem on your blog. If you don’t have a blog, then please, post your poem in the comment itself.    ***    You are invited to respond to the prompt given here, but if you have something else you’re just itching to share, please feel welcome in doing that. Our first desire here is to encourage you to write and learn and share.    ***    When leaving comments to other’s poems, please be appreciative and encouraging. We are not a poem “critique” site (unless someone specifically asks for that). Be kind with each other (and yourself!).    ***    Please consider including a link with your blog poem back to the prompt response here at We Write Poems so that others may see and join our community. More participants do make better soup!

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  1. April 22, 2011 11:23 pm

    This is just a teaser, as I’m off on my travels today and may not be around for Post your poems day.

    Double dactyl delight (which sounds like a pudding)

    Comedy, tragedy
    two sides of history,
    rations of one counter-
    balance the other.
    Everything’s ticketyboo.

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