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It’s Post Your Poems Day!

June 16, 2010

Whose shoes did you walk in this week? Post links to your poems written from a point of view you find distasteful in the comments, and then read your fellow poets’ pieces to see the different point of view we all chose.

A reminder on how to participate:

Post your poems in the comments of this post by linking to your poem on your blog, or by leaving your poem in its entirety. Once you leave your own comment, be sure to visit everyone else’s links. After all, we’re a community, and one of the best ways a community of writers can support its members is to read and comment on one another’s work. As we read each other’s poems, let’s remember why we created this community. We are a group of poets who seek inspiration, challenges, and a social community of other poets. If you comment on another poet’s work, please do so thoughtfully and positively – we are not a critique group.

  1. June 16, 2010 12:34 am

    Hi. Loved writing for the prompt. Thanks Dan Rako. Here is the link –

    • June 16, 2010 6:57 am

      My comments won’t take on your blog…so I cut and pasted them here….I love your piece.
      Uma, This piece grips my interest. I’m not sure I understand it completely, but it beckons to be read again and again for glimpses of insight.

      Beautiful, sad, yearning…

    • June 16, 2010 10:11 am

      Uma, I had same problem as Brenda re: commenting. I, too, am not sure of the exact meaning, but the pastiche of images still held my fascination to the end. Some of my favorite poems and prose are those I am not ready to understand. Witness “Riddely Walker”!

  2. June 16, 2010 4:16 am

    I loved the prompt (thanks!)….here goes:

    – Dina

  3. June 16, 2010 4:46 am

    Good prompt. Enjoyed the write and will enjoy the reads:

  4. June 16, 2010 5:07 am

    Played golf with a better group yesterday, lol. (Oh how I love Joan, lol.)

  5. June 16, 2010 5:12 am

    This was an interesting exercise, Dan. I didn’t do a very good job of it, but did resist being snarky by turning toward a sort of alternate reality and inventing a chaplain of industry to read the riot act.

  6. June 16, 2010 5:13 am

    I found myself thinking about people who espouse opinions on things they know little about—or rushing to an opinion based on scant knowledge.

    Linda Frances

  7. June 16, 2010 6:03 am

    This came easy, but feels awful. Interesting prompt. Thank you for taking me somewhere I would never have gone on my own! (kind of the point, eh?) 🙂

    • June 16, 2010 10:40 am

      Brenda, my comment didn’t take, so I looped back here:

      You swallowed this prompt whole and sang a song of collective guilt. We have a saying in Western NY… when locals tell the itinerant Mexican pickers to “go back where you came from,” I tell THEM, “the Senecas will help you pack.”

      Strong, strong work, Bren.

      • June 16, 2010 12:51 pm

        Thanks Amy. Your spunk and vitality inspire. In Montana it is written into our state constitution that we will teach history INCLUSIVE of the American Indian perspective. Is it happening? Slowly, yes. I am proud of the work educators put forth in my state.

      • June 16, 2010 12:55 pm

        Inclined (and proud!) to add that in Montana, our state superintendent of schools, Denise Juneau, is an enrolled member of the Blackfoot tribe.

  8. June 16, 2010 7:02 am

    This was quite simple for me.
    There is not much in life that I have contempt for
    but this is one hits me to the core.

    • June 16, 2010 10:17 am

      Pam, I cannot post comments to your site, so here it is:

      Pam, this one also gave me the willies. I lived around the corner from John Lennon when Mark David Chapman shot him. Now I live in Attica, NY, and guess who’s a “guest of the county” down the block? Mark David Chapman.

      Didn’t quite catch the empathy we were supposed to try to summon, but I don’t think any of us are able to do that with such people. In my writing about bin Laden and Bush, I didn’t get there, either. A real challenge, this one. Amy

  9. June 16, 2010 7:12 am

    Hopefully this will come thru. My problem with this prompt is that it kept wanting to turn into a short story.

  10. June 16, 2010 7:23 am

    Enjoyed the prompt; thank you.
    Here’s mine:

  11. June 16, 2010 7:28 am

    War is ugly for “the boots on the ground” but from where I sit….Scrambled, Not Fried

  12. Irene permalink*
    June 16, 2010 8:15 am

    I walked in these shoes.

    a vegan poem

  13. June 16, 2010 10:04 am

    Wow, I got all political on their asses this week, both sides of the wars. May do another later. I see a lot of peaceful prompts, so they may serve as the antidote! Peace, Amy

  14. June 16, 2010 10:13 am

    This was tough for me this week, but I did it. Hopefully, did it justice.



  15. June 16, 2010 10:31 am

    This was a challenge for me too. I tried to keep it simple:
    Looking for clues in a down economy

  16. June 16, 2010 10:52 am

    Behold my loathing of the Sorority

  17. angie permalink
    June 16, 2010 11:12 am

    oh, got school on my mind again with this one!
    (gee — thanks, Dan!)

  18. June 16, 2010 3:35 pm

    It’s the cruel shoes: Maneater

  19. June 16, 2010 4:19 pm


  20. June 16, 2010 5:43 pm

    Don’t you just hate the excuses soccer players and bosses come up with?
    Here’s mine: INQUEST

  21. June 16, 2010 9:41 pm

    Here is my poem, Walking:

    • June 17, 2010 10:42 am

      Mr Walker I tried to leave a comment
      but it would not accept it.
      This is a very insightful poem.

  22. June 17, 2010 12:35 am

    A very hard prompt to address (being polite we say, challenging), but no, it was just hard to do. And when it finally did arrive, I don’t know, but maybe it did some work (and quality aside, yes or no) because I find it an unpleasant thing to read, to think this is real in this world. As it is…

    The invisible human like a bomb

  23. June 17, 2010 10:20 am

    I’ve been thinking about this prompt. My initial, negative, response was to the word “contempt”. Too strong a word for me. (I’m a wimp.) So I’m taking another stab at it with a slightly less dynamic “condescension”.
    The Object

  24. winedarksea permalink
    June 21, 2010 12:21 pm


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